About Our Team

The Happiness Campaign is a project created by students with Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business’ Honors Cohort. Our goal is to make an impact by helping to instill healthy habits that college students can do consistently and donating ten cents for every day that they complete their habits. Join us on our mission to fight the mental health pandemic that affects our societies and our world.

The Honors Cohort is a group of thirty business students focused on developing their critical thinking skills, grit, perseverance, resourcefulness, confidence, and the ability to collaborate and innovate. Every year the Honors Cohort engages in an impact challenge project which focuses on creating change and making an impact in our communities and our world. Four groups were created, and our team consists of seven students each passionate about addressing the lack of happiness among college students as many college students lack the healthy habits that contribute to increased and sustained levels of happiness.

Team Members

Kristine Cao


Ana Kasumova

VP Technology

Sam Thompson

VP Administration

Sophia Holmes

VP Finance

Maddie Campana

VP Membership

Shruthi Rajaram

VP Marketing

Ryan Zinn

VP External Relations